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Saturday, December 23, 2006


Call me a glutton for punishment, but I again tried to felt something!!! Here's how it looked when I was done using two skeins of Paton's wool.... Dearheart was skeptical as he tried it on.... And with good reason....
So, into the washer with this latest (maybe) waste of time! After quite a bit of agitation (on the washer's part) and rounds in the dryer with try-ons inbetween we finally had a fit!! I think he looks like he just came off the Scottish moors!

Felting Fiasco!!

I knit for days, used six skeins of wool yarn and thought I was going to have this glorious Bob Marley bag. Wouldn't you know, half the yarn I bought was wool AND acrylic!! I thought I'd looked... but obviously didn't... This will make a great bed for E and B's new dog, Winston. Pictures to follow....