Sunday, September 25, 2005


I made this great new novelty yarn yesterday!! I'm going to be sorry I'm selling them all, but my life belongs to evilbay... At any rate, it's 100% wool with handcarded white roving and Dragontails all plyed with metallic thread and REAL CRYSTALS!! I love the way the Dragontail blended with the wool! It can be seen at Michi_magick on evilbay along with my Autumn Equinox and some nifty hand lampworked stitch markers I made just because they're fun to make. OH, and my Asian kitty sachets to keep the moths out of the wool!! Enjoy the pictures! G and family made it Tyler, TX OK, but no word on the condition of their home or the business in Galveston yet.. LOVE you guys!!!
Namaste!! (Michi-Magick on ebay)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita

I've been so worried about my son and his family and my sister on the TX gulf coast!! Finally today I spoke to G and they're leaving for Tyler, TX. Well, I suppose they're already on their way by now, or at least sitting in that great evacuation parkinglot, I-45, the gulf freeway! I remember people trying to leave for hurricane Alan in the early '80's sitting on 45 for 6 hours or more just to make it to Houston. I'm sending angels with all ya'll!!
Today I half finished my new novelty yarn and hope to have pictures tomorrow.. and an evilbay auction!! This one is Kool Aid dyed in sage and orange and has green super coils that are working out MUCH better than the crawdads! I plyed the green in an S instead of a Z which last time tended to make the coils open when they were plyed. This time I have very tight coils. The only thing I don't like is that the 'tail end' of them tend to be somewhat overspun. Well, that may all straighten itself out when it's put on the skein board. BEAUTIFUL NEW one that my DH made for me!! So much easier than a niddy noddy tho he has made some beautiful ones from palm tree wood when we lived in FL.
So, for your entertainment this evening, here are two pictures of chemtrails with a sylph that looks like an angel or a cross. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, do a google search for chemtrails. You might be amazed. And frightened!!
Namaste! And bless all you folks sitting in traffic trying to escape Rita, especially those I hold most near and dear!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Crawfish Pie

Here's Crawfish Pie finished!! I plyed it with rayon and 6mm (I think) black glass buttons. About every three long pulls (about a yard) I added a piece of roving about 2" x 4" and just let it ply on the sage green base. Then I plyed again with handspun, hand painted and handcarded pink roving every time I came to one of the pieces of pink roving I had added to the base color. At the beginning, end, inbetween, wherever I liked, I slid some beads up the rayon to add some eyes to the little critters. I think it's kind of cute, especially since I love crawdads!! YUMMY!! So, this was my first experimental piece that was actually at some points done with three fibers at one time. Sometimes I had a tangled up mess, sometimes I had to pull a big crawdad thru the oriface, sometimes I said swear words... bad ones. But, all in all it's kinda cute. Makes me chuckle a little when I look at it!
My blood pressure is high!! I NEVER have high bp! Doing some research on the net I find that two of the pain meds the physical therapist has me on cause high blood pressure and elevated pulse rate. Are they trying to kill me?? I HATE medicine!! Goodbye pain pills and muscle relaxants. I do love the little rush of Vicodin, but I don't like knowing my heart's working overtime!! Spinning is my meditation....

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Where Has My Blog Gone?

I think I have two blogs about fiber arts... I can't find my pictures of my latest ventures.. Ah well, that being what it is or isn't here are some of my latest things.

The reds are Kool-Aid dyed Coopsworth from Jihyrah (I think..) Farm. Very clean roving! The top yarn is plyed with rayon and Dragon's Tail silk noils.

The bottom is the same Kool-Aid dyed but plyed with mohair in a soft fawn color. Beautiful halo on this one!!

The white was just a fun piece about 20 yards long with white roving and eyelash yarn. Would make a great rune bag! All are on (or were on) evilbay under Maxinecoxfibers.

This evening I dyed two 100 yard skeins of wool. One I did a sage green with varying intensity that I want to do some pink coils on and the other is a green and orange that I plan on doing some flowers of some kind for a real novelty yarn! 100 yards of it should be enough do so something special!

Tomorrow J and I head off to the Mountain Craft Days! I'm hoping to hook up with some fiber folk there! Surely someone else in PA spins and weaves!